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At PlayVolution Academy, we aim to create an engaging educational program, nurturing, and age/developmentally appropriate for young children. Our children are in an environment that caters to the whole child and encapsulates their holistic development. We inspire academic excellence with an online education program in harmony with all the stages of child development. Our dream is that our children would in turn model to their communities positive attitudes, and inspire the world in which we live.

PlayVolution Programs

At PlayVolution Academy, we encourage children to participate in art-related activities as often as possible. Fine motor development prepares children to strengthen the pincer grip in their hands through these activities. Creativity is expressed and builds cognitive and critical thinking skills that improve when participating in art and craft activities. Additionally, art and craft lay the foundation for verbal and mathematical instruction.
Early on, music and musical activities support young children's physical development, igniting all aspects of their growth. Additionally, music and movement foster academic, physical, cognitive, socioemotional, linguistic, and literacy capabilities for school readiness skills. Young children's auditory skills develop through musical activities.
Young children are tiny people, curious and motivated to discover and research their world. For young children, science is an extension of the real world. Early scientific education develops in a child's interest and stage of development based on the activities the child is engaged.
Language and literacy activities in preschool are imperative as this supports young children's ability to communicate. Such activities allow children to make sense of their experiences in the world around them. Fostering healthy language development in the early years would ensure a child would have the foundation they need for all social interactions.
Mathematics in the early years helps young children's brain development, increases problem-solving skills, facilitates socio-emotional learning, and lays the foundation for their mathematical journey. At PVA we integrate mathematical concepts in all activities.
Encouraging young children to play outside is critical as it aids gross motor development. It allows the child to explore, engages their imagination, and keeps them healthy. Having children play outdoors provides the opportunity to engage in unstructured play, builds confidence, fuels curiosity, pushes strong bone development, helps develop empathy, and lowers the tendency to misbehave or become bullies.


Our Precious Parents' Reviews

Ezra's Mom
Learning while playing is the best way I saw my child learn. I am proud to be apart of the PlayVolution Team
Kade's Dad
My child loves this school. We are happy to hear him express sadness when he cannot attend school. He loves the countless interactive activities done at PVA.
Tiana's Mom
It was our first time enrolling our daughter in preschool, so we were nervous. But the staff at PlayVolution Academy are so incredible that they made us feel so comfortable. We were glad to see our daughter so happy to go to school. We highly recommend this school.

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